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Tranquil district is a place dedicated to all the patrons from Nirakul Archives' Patreon page.
We will not do advertisement here, so...Nirakul Archives will go on
as long as there is support...and as long as the circumstances would allow.
Tranquil district is the least we can do to say thank you.


At Tranquil district youcan get a house to your name and here we live and we do things.
(The activity log is randomized)



» Getting a house in Tranquil district

Yes what's happening here is that you can get a house in Tranquil district.. Houses can be built there, and when you hover your cursor over your house, your name and your small piece of text will pop up. There you'll live with others and interact with each other...go to places and do many things, as shown in the activity log. And yes that activity log is randomized.

*All of this is optional. If you want to keep supporting but you don't want to be a part of this, of course, we won't put your name up there. 

> For patrons of 1$ tier, you get a white house with your (display)name on it.  (10 chars max - space and punctuation included)  

> For patrons of 5$ tier, You'll have to choose the color of the house first

...and choose what name you want to display as your name  (10 chars max - space and punctuation included)
And, you can also choose to say something too. This part is optional. (50 chars max  - space and punctuation included )

**Names from all tiers will be used  in random pools of the activity log.
Your house and your name will be there as long as you remain a patron.


Thank you.