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Aalaynirakul.com don't show ads and therfore lacks income from such sources. If you want to
support the archives and help keep the place up and running, you can become a patron on Patreon.

Tranquil district  is a place dedicated to the people from Nirakul Archives' Patreon page.

By becoming a patron you have an option to get a small house there with your name and a few words on it.
(And also do things...The activity log is randomized.)



» Getting a house in Tranquil district

For patrons of $5 tier and more, you can get a house built in Tranquil district.. When you hover the cursor over your house, your name and a small piece of text will pop up. The activity log on the side uses your display name, its content is randomized.

*All of this is optional.

> You'll have to choose the color of the house first,

and choose what name you want to display as your name.  (10 chars max - space and punctuation included)
You can choose to say something too. This part is optional. (50 chars max  - space and punctuation included )



*Your display names will be used  in a random pools for the activity log.
Your house and your name will be there as long as you remain a patron.


Thank you !