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Our last updates were made on 30 September 2020.

This is Nirakul the staff office.
You are here, you must have lost your way again.
That is okay, though. I'd give you the museum guide but we don't have any at the moment... I'm sorry.

By the way, have you seen a cat running around in
the hallway? Yun probably left the door opened again.
The cat might be hiding in the library now.
If you see her, just—well, you do not have to do
anything. She will not bite, as far as I know.
But be careful.

If you ever get lost again, you know what to do; focus on that thing you have with you. The puzzle cube. We have one here too. Somebody dropped it in the library a long time ago, and no one came to get it back...

Focus on that thing, and you will know how to get back here...probably.

puzzle cube

To foyer 1st floor To library 1st floor
To elevator 3rd floor
museum guide