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"You there,"

"Let me guess...you're here for the museum guide, right?
too bad we don't have one here, not anymore.
Lan gave away that last copy months ago...I think.
" That's a problem isn't it. "

1» Take me through everything.
2» How to navigate and find things/places
3» About Items and Inventory
4» About IDs and Passcodes
5» Who are you?
6 ยป Who is Lan?



"Okay, we'll start from the top then."

"By that I mean those things on the top of this page. Here,"

"Let's take a look at it together."

"The puzzle-cube-thing should take you back to Lan's office in no time,
quite handy, eh? I have a feeling that it'll be very helpful in your travels...
And since you have it, don't hesitate to use it when you're lost!"

"Others things, I call them navigation helper, You'll see it in many places
you'll go. This page has it...not that it's needed, It's just there so that
I can explain it to you."

"First, If you press the letter H on your keyboard. It will take you back to
Lan's office, like the puzzle cube.

"Well! Note that H won't just work anywhere, though."

"Now, have you tried that 'Guide' yet? If you did, don't be confused,
That thing will just take you back to me and Hans here, wherever you are."

"pretty straightforward, right?"

"Wait,I almost forgot this one, Try hover your cursor/mouse over this purple-ish
sentence and this image below...Just hover for now, don't click either of them yet."


Yeah, hover me for a floating yellow box!


"Did you see the yellow floating box? Magic, I say!"
"Well, the thing explains what it does. You will find this hovering-magic
very useful to you...especially when it involve with
things such as items and Passcodes."

"...Don't worry, we'll get to those later."

"Now, You can try clicking on that same sentence and image.
Go ahead...try it now. Don't worry, it'll take you back here when done."




"Welcome back."

"So, yeah, if you see oddly coloured texts and/or suspicious images
go ahead and hover over it, or click on it..."

"But do keep in mind that things won't be this obvious everytime.
And sometimes you'll find that it's only some particular areas of the image
that are hover-able and/or click-able. "




"It's time to go places, yes, yes! move around and go places."

"Aside from basic navigation with puzzle cube and such, you may
find that some places have another plan for you..."

"At the Library for example, have you been there?
...See this compass-like thing?"

"It's all very simple, right? click on the direction you want to go...
and you, well, go....Simple as that.

"Oh, yeah, and don't forget all about the place itself!
Part of the exploration is about the interaction...I'd say."
"Poke things around, flip some switches, read books, sit on chairs,
talk to people...whatever you want. Do your thing, have your fun and all that."

"If you're thorough, I'd say you'll go places...yes, you'll go far indeed.
You know, you might even get some free stuff or Passcodes in the process..."


"Speaking of, it's high time we talk about
items, Passcodes and inventory don't you think? "


1» I'm ready.

2» ...come again?

3» Who are you?

4» Who is Lan?














"Oh, I used to sell houses."
"You know, I could go to your house right now and sell it..."

1» Tell me about other things.

3» Who is Lan?

















"Lan? You probably've met him.
He's in the staff room when I'm not around. Yeah, that one."

"Man, imagine getting a job for life and the only way
to get out is in a body bag...what a lucky fellow,
he won't have to worry about finding jobs again."


1» Tell me about other things.





"Alright, Pull up a seat if you haven't already...This is a long one."
"...Though, In short, your inventory is your browser bookmark folder."
"Scroll down to go through everything...or just skip to what you want to know."
"Here's what we're going to talk about,"

1» Introduction to Items
1a» Using Items
1b» Item categories and tags
2» Introduction to IDs and Passcodes
2a» Using Passcodes
3» Your Inventory

1» Introduction to Items

•What is an item?

"Items are things you can have and/or use. "

•Where to find items?

"There's plenty of ways to obtain an item, grab it, take it, make it, trade it, steal it
...you get the point. Item could be given to you too, of course.
If you see this passage 'add ___(item name/ID) to your inventory'
You'll know it's 'new item' time."

•How to keep items?

"When you see this passage 'add ___(item name/ID) to your inventory'
...well, don't forget to put the thing in your pocket !"

" Not sure how? Hold on...we'll talk more about this in the Inventory section."



1a» Using items

"So many possibilities!
When you use an item, it could be gone forever, discarded from your inventory,
or it could turn into another item, or destroy another item...or duplicate itself...or possess you...or grow back a missing limbs...or knock you out cold and many other things."

"There are many ways to use an item, for example..."

•Plain 'use'
•Show (item remains in your inventory...mostly)
• Discard (*see 'Inventory' section)
•Consume (mostly will discard the item)
•Equip (...on your person. Item remains in your inventory)
•Give (Discard the item)
•Combine (Discard all items used, add another item(s) to your inventory)

•When to use items?

"Some items can only be used in specific circumstances, some doesn't
care about time, places or such thing. Some can't be used by you,
some can only be used by you. Some are single use, some can be
used many times...And some aren't meant to be used at all.
The point is, you should check the item's description page first..."
"Or you could just wait until somthing ask you to use certain things too.."



Hm. Let's see what we can do...



1b» Item categories and tags

"Look here,"

"This is a banana, and it is an item."
"It's category is 'Organic' and 'Edible', and its tags are 'Small' and 'Yellow'"

"You probably've guessed, categories and tags are, for the most part,
just a way to identify an item...Could be useful too, I guess. Imagine
someone asked you for a fruit to eat(specify 'Organic'and'Edible')...you can't just
give that person a banana trumpet right? because the thing sure looks like a fruit but
you can't eat it. ( not 'Edible' and not 'Organic')"

"If you hover your cursor over 'banana' or its picture, you'll see its item ID."
"Cllick on it, and that will take you to banana's description page.
All that you'll need to know about a banana will be there...if you need it."

"At the moment, categories are as follow...
'Inorganic' / 'Organic' / 'Equipment' / 'Tool' / 'Ingredient' / 'Book'/ 'Other' "

"Also, the tags are..."
'S'/'M'/'L'(sizes) / 'Colour' related tags / 'Unique'(*Can only have
1 of this item in inventory at a time)
/ 'Key'(*Can't be discarded unless told to)

"Don't worry too much about it, you probably can use
your common sense for the most part. "
"anyway, this here banana was meant for you.
Yeah, really! Hans wanted to give it to you, take it."

"You can go ahead and add a banana to your inventory if you want."

"Congratulations, you now have a banana in your pocket."

"If you decide to eat it now, the 'technical' process is that you have to
discard the 'banana' and then add 'banana peel' to your inventory."

"...of which you can either keep(why though), or discard it.
Of course you can just, you know, eat it, skip all of this and discard it from
the start...don't even have to add it into your inventory in the first place!"

"But if you don't want to eat it...well, just add a banana to your inventory then."


"...Hey, don't tell me you don't want it, Hans is going to be sad if you
won't take the thing. So sad he'll surely melt away. Come on, you can save it
just in case someone, I don't know, need an emergency banana. Yeah, that. "

"Oh, and if you're not sure about how to put that banana in your pocket,
go see this section...or, just hold on, we'll get to it eventually."



2» Introduction to IDs and Passcodes

"That banana from earlier...I'm sure you have seen its item ID already."
"IDs are for, well, identification of course. It'll come in very useful when
the situation calls for an item of specific IDs...something like that."

"Another thing are the Passcodes, those thing are different.
And if you come across one, do be careful with it okay?"

"So what is it? Well, Passcodes are like sets of password,"
"A complete Passcode has two sides, A-side and B-side.
Each has its own unique set of 6 characters"

"If you see a message like this:
'Passcode obtained: A-xxxxxx|B-xxxxxx'
it is red! it is a passcode. If it's me I'll take a picture...or put it in a notepad,
or scribble it in a diary or something."



2a» Using Passcodes

"So those Passcodes are fancy and all, but what can it do?"
"That's the real question isn't it."

"Sometimes in your travels, you may find that in order to take some specific
actions/proceed, It is required that you have full, or at least half of the Passcode.

"It would likely show you A-side of the passcode and then request that you must
have the its corresponding B-side code in order to proceed that way"

"Quite simple."

"Thing like that really test your honesty, huh?"
" Of course...you can ignore the whole Passcodes business completely
and do whatever you want. But let me give you a fair warning.
Do it, and you'll find yourself getting confused very, very soon."

"In a few circumstances however, you can't just go and brute force it like
that...even if you plan to. Why, sometimes the thing will outright require
you to manually type in the requested passcode
in order to proceed."



"Yeah, it's still relatively easy to cheat, I know."

"Like I said, there's your honesty...Don't want to use it? Well, do whatever
make you happy and all that. You're not my problem..."


3» Your Inventory

"So, did you ate your banana? Or do you still have it clutched
in your hand not sure what to do?"

"If you want to take things with you, of course, you must put them in your pocket,
backpack, knapsack, wicker basket...or whatever container you have, right?"
" That is your inventory. But the important part is you'll need to keep
a record of what you have
, what's your equipment and such."

"There should be many ways to do it...for example, I would create a
Bookmark folder on the computer to use as my inventory record."

"You know that every items have their own Description page, right?"
"Say, if I've been given a banana, I would just go and bookmark the
banana's page in a folder called 'Inventory'."



"Simple as that."

"By the way, did you see that 'Dicarded' folder?"
"When you 'discard' something it's gone of course, but keeping a record
of what you've used or thrown away is a good way to keep track
of your activities, i think."

"Technology sure is amazing."

"For Passcodes I'd just copy the code and paste it in a notepad or something."
"...Old fashioned pen and paper could work too, of course.
Both as Inventory and code memo...If you have the patience. "'



"Hm...What else,"


"Oh, right. If you're heading out later,
take this map with you. "

"Put it in your inventory if you want. There are a few of
these available for grab at the entrance as well"

"Wait, you already have one?"



"Anyway... don't forget to actually add your puzzle cube to your
inventory record then...it's yours after all."





"Well, that should cover everything."



» There's still something...



Good! Now you know that you can hover over suspicious text or images
Good! Now you know that you can hover over suspicious text or images